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Four youngsters from a small country town form an amateurish band and head for a blue-chip seaside resort. What they need though is a PA sound system. They ask the director of the local youth club and he, in his turn, asks them to replace their singer with another girl. They compromise and go on their long-awaited seaside tour to face the gap between dreams and reality. After a series of twists and turns on their path, the young musicians come to realize that it is friendship and their love for music that make all the difference.

Bulgaria, 1981, 114 min
Script: Stanislav Stratiev
Director: Ludmil Kirkov
Cinematography: Victor Chichov
Cast: Velko Kunev, Fillip Trifonov, Pavel Popandov, Georgi Mamalev, Katerina Evro, Maria Kavadjikova, Dimiter Manchev,
Production: Feature Film Studio, Sredets